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We pride ourselves on building positive relationships with our clients.

Feedback is very important to us. Nothing makes us happier than when clients tell us about the positive changes that have happened in their lives as a result of their treatment at ATA. We hope these reviews and testimonials can serve as a source of encouragement and inspiration to others needing relief from Substance Use.

"​ATA is a place where hope and healing begins...

    I’m forever grateful in finding Brian and ATA at what was one of the darkest times of my life.  My addiction had reached a point where I had no one to turn to, let alone no clue how to reach out to for help.  Who knew that a single phone call in March of 2018 would have singularly changed my life.  I called with no knowledge of the firm, its therapists or what talk therapy really was.  All I know was I needed help.  It was either the desperation in my voice or his willingness to take the extra step to help someone in need… that I was offered a slot the following day. Within one week I had gained the courage to check myself into detox and have not looked back since.  If not for such a short timeline, I’m not sure I ever would have followed-up.  I’ve been sober and with ATA going on five months and continuously impressed with the level of caring, understanding and a deep sense of knowledge and non-judgment that their approach provides. There’s a level of kindness that I doubt exists in many other places.  For the first time in my life, I was instantly comfortable.  I’ve learned far more about myself beyond my addiction and recovery journey.

         Early on in my recovery, for a variety of reasons, I quickly realized that AA was not for me, and am thankful that there is an outlet that I can turn to on a weekly (if not more) basis to talk on a more personal level.  And it’s not just the “one hour on the couch” that ATA offers, it’s a sense of commitment and caring that reaches far beyond the time in the office.  By far the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that getting sober was “the easy part”.  I couldn’t agree more.  If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, I highly recommend ATA. Make that call."           AB

"Addiction Treatment Alternatives takes a different, more personalized approach to recovery and the subsequent life-building process which follows substance addiction. ATA takes pride in treating people in need as human beings and caters to their recovery needs on a case by case basis, providing sound life advice, strategies and tools for success in recovery, and techniques to prevent unwanted relapses.  What really blew me away about this service is the emphasis on helping a newly recovered client adjust to a world without drugs or alcohol. I have noticed a significant change in myself through utilizing this service. Not only am I sober, other areas of my life begin to fall into place thanks to ATA's excellent counseling, and for the first time in years I am optimistic about my future! ATA is an extremely helpful service. Through their one on one approach to recovery they are changing lives. If you are struggling with addiction of any sort and want to get better but are finding that other programs and groups are not doing to trick for you, I highly recommend ATA's personalized recovery counseling. Sobriety as it turns out, is a whole lot better than it would seem".     


 "I have been working with ATA for the past 4 months and have been impressed with their approach and my results. They have developed a proactive and personal/hands-on program delivered in a way that is tailored for each client.  Each session is built on previous sessions giving you the tools for self-assessment and a path forward. This includes both live discussions where you apply the tools as well as written material/exercises for reference and structure.

I specifically appreciate the personal approach Brian utilizes to create a positive relational aspect to recovery.  This has directly led to my personal success and discovery of a healthier way to approach recovery. I am now more confident in my recovery and more importantly the tools and structure to continue in my recovery".   


 "Let me first start off by saying I have been to many other programs with counseling sessions involved and this is by far, the best program out there. Not only is the ATA philosophy amazing, but my counselor Brian, is one of the best. He is very understanding and very easy to get along with. He has helped me understand more about myself than I could have ever asked for. This program helps you dive into your problems without you having to think what it is that troubles you, or why you are the way you are. He helps you figure out what you need in order to have a positive successful life of being clean and sober. It is a very easy-going program with all the right tools to help you get your life back on track and stay on track. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my counselor Brian and the ATA program. Thank you"    

Taylor T

"I have been working with Brian for the past 3 months and have been impressed with his approach and my results. I first called Brian after been sober for 2 weeks and was able to see him the same day. When I first came to him, I was confused, scared and unwilling to open up to anyone. After only few appointments I was able to trust him with my recovery and I look forward to our meetings every week.

Brian helped me get in touch with my inner self and helped me improve my relationship with my family. I owe my success in recovery to Brian and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a successful path to recovery".   


"I have been very happy with how much Mike has helped my husband overcome his addiction. He is a straight shooter and tells you from his own experiences. I would highly recommend Mike for anyone struggling with addiction". 

Janee W.

"ATA has been fantastic for my mom! Nothing short of miraculous with her response. Highly Recommended". 

Nick S.

​​​"Professional, welcoming, knowledgeable, flexible, courteous, understanding and helpful. Five stars for ATA. Exceptional service and a beacon of light to those struggling. Especially for those working FT with families - ATA really goes the extra mile to accommodate schedules, so you are still able to balance life while seeking treatment. Calm setting where you can talk through things in a 1:1 basis. I found this to be a more successful approach vs medical treatment or group settings". 


 "I have been to many counselors over the past several years and Mike at ATA is definitely the best I have worked with. I always walk away from our sessions feeling better, and he has helped me a lot with my addiction and mental health issues. The offices are very comfortable and professional. I’d highly recommend ATA for anyone struggling with addiction/alcoholism, mental health, or any other life issues". 

Josie H.

"If you are ready to make a change in your life and move away from addiction and unhealthy behavior, consider ATA as a very valuable resource for personalized, supportive counseling and coaching that will walk with you as you change the path you have been following to this moment in life.

As a professional who had a lifelong daily drinking “habit” and thought he had it under control, I realized I was way off base. I was lucky, my wake-up moment did not come in the form of a tragedy or serious personal mess up. But my day came and when I was done drinking and wanted to move on in life, I found ATA and chose them as my partner in recovery. ATA offered a private, one-on-one personalized format that worked for who I was and what I wanted. The support and coaching has been fantastic. Of course, it starts with my commitment to change, sobriety and a desire for a better way of life. With that, ATA is my support resource to make this all come to fruition. Thank you, Brian and ATA, for what you do. I will pay it forward on my new path in life". 

Douglas S.

"When I first met with Brian at ATA I was hesitant to share my struggles and anxieties with a stranger. I had previously been to a 3-month rehabilitation program that had done nothing but provide a clean environment and minimal 1 on 1 counseling time. This was unsuccessful, discouraging, and I wasn’t ready to quit my addiction after the program ended.

Brian really helped me become much more honest and humble. The 1 on 1 counseling allowed me to focus on everything in life that I was taking for granted, abusing, and not balancing properly. Brian is relatable and truly listens.  He does not judge nor make you participate in anything you aren't comfortable with.

I give credit to my parents for locating ATA and to Brian for showing me that I can sustain. Thanks Brian."