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Our Specialists

Mike Kellam






Michael A. Kellam, CADC-II, CCS is a Nationally Certified Clinical Addiction Specialist/Substance Abuse Counselor in Pleasanton with Dual Diagnosis credentials. He has been in the field of addiction and co-occurring conditions for over 12 years and has practiced all standard treatment theories in outpatient modalities. Although he is amazed at the resilience and drive these clients possess, he knows more can be done to reach the people that cannot meet the requirements of group settings and do not feel comfortable with standard treatment options. By understanding recovery from personal experience, he also knows firsthand the struggles and fears of clients and families when facing these issues. "A drug abuse treatment center focuses on alcoholism and drug addiction, but Addiction Treatment Alternatives, LLC. in Pleasanton focuses on the whole individual."

Brian McGowan






Brian McGowan, CADC-I, CATC, Certified Addiction Specialist/Substance Abuse Counselor. He has been in the field of addiction for five years, educating clients with all issues related to addiction and assisting them with the recovery process. He has worked with adolescents and adults in many different modalities. He understands that every client is unique and deserves an individualized approach to help them reach their goals. One of his key strengths is inspiring resistant clients who struggle to find motivation to change.  “I was drawn to the addictions treatment and recovery services field because I have seen the positive impact treatment and recovery makes on people’s lives. The reward of seeing lives transformed and families restored is priceless”.   

The ATA Difference

Substance Use Disorder is a serious problem not only in our area, but across the country. Because substance abuse comes in many different shapes and sizes, counseling options should be equally diverse. Alcoholics face different issues than those addicted to Pain Pills or Cocaine. Since substance abuse varies from one person to the next, it only makes sense that to be truly effective, substance abuse treatment must be tailored to address the needs of the individual. Those suffering from addiction must never feel pigeonholed into a certain treatment method but must know that there is a solution out there that will meet each of their needs regardless of what they are. Before deciding which Treatment Facility is best for you or a loved one, please consider the following benefits that ATA can offer.

Private and Confidential

No need to disclose your personal story or discuss issues in a group setting.

One-On-One Therapy Sessions

Clients are less likely to put on masks and pretend their issues are non-existent.

Laser Focused Treatment

The focus is on you. Usually results in faster progress with clients.

Flexible Treatment Sessions

We will work our treatment around your schedule.


Non-judgemental Approach

Allows clients the ability to dig deeper into issues and the reasons for their escape into substance abuse.

Multiple Years Experience in Recovery

Building trust and developing healthy relationships.


We are extremely supportive and will continually work towards developing a strong partnership with you in your recovery.

Do I have a problem?

It can be difficult to recognize when casual drinking or drug use has crossed the line into abuse or addiction. It can be even harder to decide that it is time to do something about it. Are drugs and or alcohol causing negative effects in your life?  Have you experienced any of the following:

Driven a car while intoxicated or high?

Has your doctor told you that you have health problems caused by your drug and/or alcohol use?

Have your friends or family asked you to stop drinking or using drugs?

Have you experienced withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking your drug of choice?

Has your freedom been threatened due to choices you’ve made under the influence?

Have you harmed yourself or others while under the influence?

Have you lost your job or been kicked out of school due to drug- or alcohol-related issues?

Have you tried to quit but been unable to do so for any meaningful length of time?

Have you lied about your drinking or drug use?

Do you want to stop drinking or using drugs, but don’t know how?

Addiction is a medical disorder, which means getting clean and sober on your own is extremely difficult. If you or someone you care about needs help for problems caused by drug or alcohol use, reach out to us at ATA. We can help.