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​​An Early to Mid-Stage-Managed Use Alternative

Many people know they drink or use more than they should, but the idea of accepting total abstinence is just too overwhelming. Most believe abstinence is their only option and will reject the idea while continuing to drink and use heavily. Harm Reduction or managing your use can be an alternative treatment option for those who have not reached the dependence stage. It provides a less restrictive path, allowing you to reduce your consumption to a safer, more manageable level without abstaining altogether. Managing use makes much more sense to those starting out, trying to figure out what to do about the problems they are experiencing.

 In this program, we do not ask that clients stop all substance use, unless that is their goal, and we will help families establish the right kind of boundaries needed for this type of treatment. Our Addiction Specialists will work with the client to lay out, clearly and honestly, the harm being done to themselves and to others.  The client as well as the family will choose the most urgent issues to focus on. The client and the ATA Addiction Specialist will then work to reduce the harm that is being done by establishing goals and implementing gradual, realistic steps to achieve them.

 The goal is to slowly reduce the clients use and consumption to a problem-free level. We at ATA, are committed to developing a deep understanding of our clients, and helping create positive outcomes for them.



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