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Substance Abuse in Teens

It is not uncommon for teens to experiment with drugs or alcohol at some point during their adolescent years. While some teens try these substances only a few times and stop, others are unable to control their cravings to use.

When a teen uses substances in a harmful pattern for mood-altering purposes, leading to frequent problems, this is substance abuse. Even a small degree of substance abuse can be detrimental. 

Teens who become addicted to drugs or alcohol will continue to use substances despite the negative consequences it is causing in their lives.

While there are many different factors that can lead to teen substance abuse and addiction, one thing is clear: the earlier it is treated, the better the outcome – without proper treatment, substance abuse will only get worse over time.

Teens struggling with Substance Abuse can have a bleak and negative outlook on life. The ATA Teen Treatment program begins with encouragement to help teens change how they look at life. One of our missions is for your teen to be more open to not only their potential, but many of the amazing possibilities for them when they live a drug and alcohol-free life. The main goal is always to make them feel in control again.

Whether your teen needs treatment is a question you may be able to answer by looking for some of the common signs of teen drug and alcohol abuse.



Is your teen...

  • Suddenly hanging out with new friends?
  • Withdrawing from loved ones?
  • Neglecting their personal appearance?
  • Experiencing a sudden drop in grades/skipping classes?
  • Abandoning their hobbies?
  • Showing increased signs of aggression or getting into conflicts with loved ones?
  • Eating more or less than usual?
  • Changing their sleeping habits (e.g., staying awake all night, or sleeping excessively)?
  • Sudden apathy and lack of effort toward responsibilities and school work
  • Sudden flakiness and tardiness
  • Dishonesty
  • Law Enforcement Involvement


Program Details

Our unique one-on-one treatment process puts 100% of the focus on your teen and their specific needs

All sessions are completely confidential and private. We do not offer group sessions simply because we feel that it is easy for a client to get lost in a “Traditional Group” setting where the curriculum is driven by the program and not the individual. ​​​

Individualized treatment plans will be tailored to meet the needs of each teen client. Areas of focus and ATA treatment standards include:

  • Reducing the risk of short and long-term drug and alcohol problems
  • Substance abuse education
  • Establish and maintain an abstinence-focused lifestyle
  • Develop healthy coping skills and problem-solving skills
  • Build healthy relationships with supportive family and friends
  • Improve relapse prevention skills
  • Create a sober support network
  • Enhance and sustain client motivation for sobriety
  • Understand the pros and cons of continued use
  • Identify the reasons for why they drink or use
  • Learn skills that promote healthier behaviors
  • Taking responsibility for self-change

Free/No Cost Initial Assessment

Call to set up a confidential, no cost, in-person, substance abuse assessment for your teen. This will be conducted by one of our Clinical Addiction Specialists. We will then let you know if abuse or addiction is indicated and, if so, what types of treatment options would be most effective for your teen.

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